Xenon Flashlight

Technical Data

MaterialCast copper alloy, Globe - polycerbonate lexan
Input voltage110 VAC  60Hz, 230 VAC  50Hz
Flash rate60/120/180 flashes/min.230V AC*, 60 flashes/min. 110V AC*. According to customers spec.*Other frequencies on request
Weight6 kg.
Tube energyApprox. 10 joule. Dependant on flash rate
Standard cable entries5 x M25 stopping plugs. Cable glands on request
Ex classificationII  2  G  Ex de OP IS  IIB  T5 (ATEX/IECEx),  Ex de II B T5 ( Canada ), Class I, Zone 1 AExde IIB T5 ( USA )
For use in ZoneZone 1, Zone 2 and safe area


  • Flash light
  • Signal light
  • Obstacle marking
  • Zone 1, Zone 2 and safe area


  • Rugged and low profile
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Proven ingress protection
  • Long lamp life using compact fluorescent tube
  • Wide range of coloured globes available
  • Resistant to vibrations

Part Numbers

Xenon flashlight, clear   230V AC2430 020
Xenon flashlight, green   230V AC2430 120
Xenon flashlight, red   230V AC2430 220
Xenon flashlight, blue   230V AC2430 420
Xenon flashlight, yellow   230V AC2430 520
Xenon flashlight, yellow amber   230V AC2430 320
Xenon flashlight, clear   110V AC2430 010
Xenon flashlight, green   110V AC2430 110
Xenon flashlight, red   110V AC2430 210
Xenon flashlight, blue   110V AC2430 410
Xenon flashlight, yellow   110V AC2430 510
Xenon flashlight, yellow amber   110V AC2430 310

Spare Parts

Flashing insert, 230 VAC2943
Globe with guard, clear1223
Globe with guard, green1224
Globe with guard, red1225
Globe with guard, yellow1226
Globe with guard, blue1227
Globe with guard, yellow amber2036
Gasket (o-ring) for globe/guard ring5000 8009