TEF 4500 Operator Panel

TEF 4500 Operator Panel

Commander Utility.

The operator panels for TEF 4500 Commander Utilty are very flexible
in sizes and configurations. The panels are custom built and allow
for use of text in several languages.

With a dimmable backlight these are easy to read in daylight as well
as at night. Several panels may be connected to the same network,
more typical with non-critical applications.

Alarms are provided with flashing leds as well as a buzzer for
audible alarms. Alarms are acknowledged and silenced by pushing
the Alarm Acknowledge button.

Technical Data

Operating temperature+5 to +70°C
Enclosure protectionIP20 (IP23)
Dimensions (wxhxd)See reverse
Weight1,3 to 2,0 kg. Depending on model and configuration.
Material frameBlack anodized aluminium.
Material frontDurable Lexan with reverse printed/engraved graphics.
Material buttonsMoulded plastic with integrated green and red LED.
Communication busRS-485. Cable impendance 100-250 ohm. End resistors shall not be used
Supply Voltage18-32 VDC.


  • Deck light control panel
  • Floodlight control panel
  • Helideck control panel
  • Heating system control panel
  • Pump control panel
  • Status panel
  • General control panel


  • Backlit text and graphics with dimming control
  •  Audible and visual alarms
  • Custom made text


Tested according to  IEC60945:2002.

CE- marking.

Part Numbers

3 Coloumns (21 available buttons)

Part No.4500 713Lexan Foil. 4500 813
4 Coloumns (29 available buttons)Part No.4500 714Lexan Foil. 4500 814
5 Coloumns (37 available buttons)Part No.4500 715Lexan Foli. 4500 815
6 Coloumns (45 available buttons)Part No.4500 716Lexan Foil. 4500 816
7 Coloumns (53 available buttons)Part No.4500 717Lexan Foil. 4500 817
Helideck operator panel (8 available buttons, 3 coloumns)Part No.4500 703Lexan Foil. 4500 803