TEF 2898

TEF 2898
Navigation light for vessels 7-20 meters

Technical Data

MaterialAnodized seawater resistant aluminium. Lens of through-coloured glass.
Input voltageMax. 12V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC
Light source10 Watt for vessels 7 - 12 meters (AR/AG-25 Watt), 25 Watt for vessels 12 - 20 meters, Light source according to DIN 49841,
Minimum visibility10W - 2 n. m. with clear lens,1 n.m. with coloured lens / 25W - 3 n.m. with clear lens, 2 n.m. with coloured lens
Ingress protectionIP56
Standard cable entriesM16 for cable diam. 4,5-10 mm


  • Navigation lights for vessels 7 - 20 meters
  • Signal lights


  • Extremely durable to mechanical deterioration
  • Designed for use in arctic and tropical waters
  • Small dimensions - low weight
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Lens of through-coloured glass, no de-colouration throughout the lifetime of the lantern.
  • The lens can easily be cleaned for paint, bird droppings, pollution and oil
  • Access to bulb from top - enabling quick replacement of light source
  • IP56
  • Can be used against all types of metal by using isolation washers
  • Direct connection in lantern

*  If the supply voltage is greater than stated under “technical data”, a regulated power supply is to be used accordingly.


Type approved and certified by det Norske Veritas (DNV) to be in compliance with the requirements in the Council Directive 96/98/EC of 20 December 1996 on Marine Equipment as amended by directive 2009/26/EC, issued as "Forskrift om skipsutstyr" by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate,Annex A.1, Item No. A.1/6.1 and Annex B, Module B in the Directive, COLREG 72 as amended, Annex I/14, IMO Res. A694(17) and IMO Res. MSC.253(83). Certificates Nos.: MED-B-6820 and MED-D-1497

Part Numbers

Lantern 2898 AL, Top lantern2898 000      
Lantern 2898 AL, Starboard lantern2898 100    
Lantern 2898 AL, Port lantern2898 200     
Lantern 2898 AL, Stern lantern2898 300    
Lantern 2898 AL, Tow lantern2898 400      
Lantern 2898 AL, All round white lantern2898 500
Lantern 2898 AL, Additional white lantern2898 504      
Lantern 2898 AL, All round green lantern2898 600    
Lantern 2898 AL, All round red lantern2898 700     
Lantern 2898 AL, Additional red lantern2898 704    
Lantern 2898 AL, Additional yellow lantern2898 804 

Spare Parts

Mounting bracket for navigation lantern3264
Glass lens,Clear5048 0019
Glass lens, Green5048 1011
Glass lens, Red5048 2011
Glass lens, Yellow5048 3009
Lamp holder with fixing bracket BAY 15d3298
Light source, 12V - 10W9400 053
Light source, 24V - 10W9400 051
Light source, 12V - 25W9400 054
Light source, 24V - 25W9400 050